For the 2017-2018 academic year, I served as the Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UMW. In 2018, I was appointed the permanent Dean after a national search.

From fall 2013 until I became dean, I was the Director of the First-Year Experience, which was an integral part of UMW’s Quality Enhancement Plan, a university-wide plan to enhance our first-year seminar (a requirement for all new college students). As QEP director, I managed the delivery of our FSEM program which amounts to coordinating the FSEM offerings, overseeing the building of a series of online learning modules, and organizing a variety of faculty development and support opportunities.

Some semesters I teach courses in the Department of Mathematics at UMW.  My most frequent course offerings include:

  • FSEM 100: Cryptology
  • MATH 120: Quantitative Reasoning for the Sciences (traditional and online)
  • MATH 200: Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH 201: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 325: Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 372: Modern Geometry

In recent years, I have been using Canvas for delivering the online components of my courses.