Movin’ with the times

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an on-site review team for the SACS Commission on Colleges. The experience was a good one; I learned a lot about the reaffirmation process and worked with a very talented group of peer-reviewers. But the most important take-away for me was much more than that.

It was interesting (to me) to learn that my colleagues on my team found it very interesting that I work on a campus with dormitories and food service. ¬†They thought it was weird that we had so few on-line courses. They were surprised that I hadn’t taught anything on-line yet. It really opened my eyes to the true world of higher education where schools such as UMW are, in fact, sort of the minority. This might not be true in terms of the number of students who engage in “our” experience, but it certainly seems to be true about the number of schools in our region (just over 800). Wow, maybe we need to get with the times?

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